Tech Center: AirPennNet-Device 

AirPennNet-Device is a wireless network that is intended for devices that are incompatible with AirPennNet, such as Amazon Echo, Kindles, gaming consoles, and more. AirPennNet-Device is not intended for use by AirPennNet-compatible devices, such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets, and will not function on the network. A full list of compatible devices can be found here: 

Connecting to AirPennNet-Device 

Residents of Sansom Place East, Sansom Place West, and Greek Houses can bring eligible devices to the Tech Center for assistance registering them for AirPennNet-Device. 

  1. 1. On a separate network-connected device, navigate to 

  1. 2. Click the “Login with PennKey” button and sign in with your PennKey username and password. 

  1. 3. In the appropriate fields, enter the MAC address of your device and a descriptive name for the device, and click the “Register device” button. 

  1. 4. Once the device has been registered, connect it to the AirPennNet-Device network. 

  1. 5. Upon connecting, the network password will have to be entered to complete the connection process. The AirPennNet-Device password can be found on the registration page above the list of registered devices labelled as “PSK (password)”. The password is penn1740wifi. 

For more information, please see the AirPennNet-Device article 


More Information 

For more information, review the FAQ page under Need Help at the bottom-right of the AirPennNet-Device Portal: